Wastewater treatment

Within the Program of German financial cooperation with Serbia, KFW Development Bank finances investments for the rehabilitation of city water supply and sewage systems in selected medium-sized municipalities in Serbia. The objective of the Investment Program is to ensure sustainable water supply and improvement of the wastewater disposal for the population at socially acceptable prices. The overall objectives, the Water and Wastewater and Water Treatment Program in the midium-sized municipalities in Serbia, are to improve local government, institutional setting and service provision, and to improve the living conditions of the population in project municipalities. Within the Program III, Phase 2, waste water in the medium- sized municipilaties in Serbia the Project "Plant for Collection and Treatment of Waste Water" for the City of Kruševac was approved.

The Waste Water Collection and Treatment Plant will be constructed on the surface of 5.1 hectares. After the Expropriation had been carried out, ownership of the location was granted to the City of Kruševac, which will give it over to the PUC Vodovod-Kruševac. The location of the future Plant is located in Cadastral Plot Bivolje, in the area north of the Western Highway, between the future highway Pojate - Preljina and the defensive embankment of the Western Morava.

The Contract for the execution of works was signed in 2016. During 2017, preparatory works began, which included clearing the terrain, fencing the site and providing access points. After completion of technical documentation, laying of the foundation stone on the 14th of October, 2017. the Construction Site of the future Wastewater Treatment Plant was officially opened.

Quality of purified water

After the treatment at the WWTP , purified water will be discharged into the recipient of the West Morava River. The Project envisages that the quality of purified wastewater meets the standards required by the Regulation on Limit Values of Emissions of Pollutants in Water and the Deadlines for their Completion, as well as the European Council Directive on Wastewater Treatment (Council Directive 91/271 / EC).

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