This year's Vidovdan (St.Vitus’ Day) praise, awarded by the City of Kruševac, was assigned to PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" for successful management and results achieved in providing a quality service to the citizens. Company Director Vladimir Milosavljević received a praise at the City Hall on June 28th , 2019.


PUC"Vodovod-Kruševac" as a modern and successful company and a leader in the field of water supply in the region is available for the citizens for 24 hours a day.

The city of Kruševac , dated from far 1957, when this company was formed, had a stable water supply, and years of continuous development and work enabled a better and wider network of users.

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Summarizing the previous management of the company in the past 62 years, it must be emphasized that PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" has been extremely successful in the activities for which it was created, with clear and precise priorities towards its users, in order to achieve long-term and unhindered development.

This year's Vidovdan (St.Vitus’ Day) praise is an indicator of successful management and positive results in providing quality services to citizens, which means that the company is directed towards all its users, especially in the realization of the provision of services and high-quality functioning in current activities, but also to the continuous development.

In addition, PUC"Vodovod-Kruševac" thanks all users for the cooperation so far, as well as for understanding regarding the implementation of everyday activities related to the supply of healthy drinking water , already for more than 60 years.

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