Basic data

• Legal Name: PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" Kruševac
• Address: Number 46, Dušanova Street, 37000 Kruševac, Serbia
• Phone / fax: + 381 (0) 37 415 301; + 381 (0) 37 415-314
• e-mail: Ова адреса ел. поште је заштићена од спамботова. Омогућите JavaScript да бисте је видели.
• web site: www.vodovodks.rs
• Identification Number: 07145837
• Activity Code: 3600
• Tax Identification Number : 100474808
• Number of Employees: 333



Clear orientation towards the end user through the provision of a quality distribution of service for drinking water that will satisfy by its quality, quantity and health correctness, sewage treatment and purification according to the highest standards of environmental protection, as well as responsible and conscientious execution of all tasks entrusted by the Founder, with continuous improvement of services in accordance with the quality system, the legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia and the needs of the users and the local community.

Customer satisfaction is evidence of quality services, the condition of our business success and the reason for our existence. The success of the company is also the personal success of employees who through their professional competence and their work contribute to the excellent quality of services and the work process itself, with work safety and safe working environment in accordance with the legislation.
Full openness to the public, regular and continuous information on all the activities of the company and providing service information in order to achieve complete user awareness.

PUC "Vodovod - Kruševac" is a modern and successful company, a leader in the field of water supply in the region.
We recognize the needs of our customers and offer them a high quality service in the supply of drinking water, sewage treatment and purification.
Professionally trained personnel conscientiously and responsibly, in accordance with the highest professional standards, perform their duties in compliance with regulations and deadlines, create relationships of trust with users. All service information and information about the activities and business of the company are easily accessible to the user. Systematic and planned implementation of stable development of the company with continuous implementation of new ideas and technical innovations. With continuous cooperation with the Founder, investments are made in order to achieve a better quality of life of the local community and create the best conditions for attracting investments.
Respecting the legal regulations, we protect the environment by taking care of the quality of life in the community in which we operate and actively work to spread awareness about the importance of environmental protection.

  • Year 1957., when Water Supply and Sewerage Company was established, from the formal and legal point of view, denotes the year when Public Utility Company „Vodovod - Kruševac“ was founded;
  • At the public Convocation of Municipal Assembly, on the twelfth of December, 1978, it was approved to use water sources from the reservoir „Ćelije“ for the purpose of water supplying;
  • Water Factory, or Water Treatment Plant in Majdevo started its operations with the treatment capacity of 700 l/s of raw water to 630 l/s of drinking water.
  • „Ćelije“ reservoir presents the significant regional water source for supplying the Rasina District with drinking water;
  • In order to protect „Ćelije“ reservoir and provide good-quality drinking water for future generations, two important documents have been adopted: Study on sanitary protection zones of water supply sources and Spatial plan of the area for special purposes of the river basin of the Ćelije reservoir;
  • Technological process of the raw water treatment has been done in the Water Factory in Majdevo according to the most modern methods;
  • With the reconstruction of the Water Factory, which was completed in 2014., the capacity of the Water Factory was increased from 1000 l/s of raw water to 920 l/s of drinking water;
  • According to the both Public Health Institute and Water Factory laboratories results, the average chemical and microbiological tests show that the accuracy of the water samples is 99,4 %, which presents the high level of health safety of the water in the system of PUC ”Vodovod - Kruševac”;
  • Since 1984. the water supply network have been expanding in all directions, so that the length of the water supply network reached over 700 km, from which about 105.000 inhabitants, or 29.000 water connections are being fed;
  • Activities on the realization of the construction of the water supply system in several rural settlements are in progress, as follows: Konjuh, Ljubava, Kamenare, Lazarevac, Komorane, Globare, Dvorane, Petina, Poljaci, Lovci, Sušica, Pozlata, Crkvina, Zdravinje, Kaonik, Jošje, Velika Lomnica, Buci and Veliko Grkljane;
  • The Municipality of Ćićevac started to use healthy drinking water from the „Ćelije“ system at the beginning of 2017., and and in the coming period the connection of the Municipality of Varvarin is being expected as well, while the Municipality of Aleksandrovac and a part of the Municipality of Trstenik has already been connected to the system;
  • The sewage system of the town of Kruševac includes a complex technical and technological system that extends to about 280 kilometers;
  • Approximately 79,000 inhabitants, or 16,000 households and commercial facilities are connected to the city sewerage system;
  • With the beginning of the construction of the main city collectors in 2016, the expansion of the sewage system was intensified. In 2017, works on sewage networks in settlements Veliko Golovode, Modrica, Lipovac, Pakašnica , as well as on Garski creek regulation were started;
  • After completion of the engineering documentation and preparatory works, on the fourteenth of October, 2017 the foundation stone for the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant was laid, which implementation will significantly improve the protection of the environment, watercourses and the impact on human health.



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