Due to the heavy rains , that occurred these days, the amount of waste has come from upper flow of Rasina River to Lake Ćelije. Representatives of the Department of Emergency Situations of the City Administration of the City of Kruševac, the Fish Keepers’ Service and PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" set up the first improvised dam that prevented further spread of waste, while the representatives of "Serbia Water" put an adequate protection today, in order to prevent the spread of waste as well .


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As the hydrological situation changed for the better, weather conditions allow more activities on the Lake itself. .In the upcoming period, the removal of waste from the surface of the water will be done in order to eliminate potential pollutants and reduce the negative impact on the quality of raw water. PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac" will continue with all activities to protect the coastal area of the Lake Ćelije.

Four days ago improvised barriers were set up between the Vasić and Zlatar basins, which prevented the arrival of waste in the water catchment area. Experienced by the flood in 2014, when almost 500,000 cubic meters of solid waste from the Lake Ćelije were collected, participants of today's action "Serbia Water", "Belgrade Water", The Fish Keepers’s Service, the Department of Emergency Situations of the City Administration of the City of Kruševac and PUC "Vodovod-Kruševac " were ready for the waste from the upper flow of the Rasina river.

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Water supply for all users, who are being supplied with healthy drinking water from the Lake Ćelije System , was not endangered in any moment. Unfortunately, this is a picture that appears every year during the periods of increased atmospheric precipitation. Everything that is in the coastal area of ​​the Rasina river starts off in the flash flood flow and ends on the surface of Lake Ćelije. We reacted four days ago by setting up an improvised barrier and in that way we managed to stop everything that is on the surface, i.e. all solid waste. By today’s setting an adequate barrier for collecting and directing the waste, additional protection has been created, besides the already temorarily set up one. We have also been asking for help on the other sides, i.e. assistance from "Serbia Water", as well as from the City Administration for the Emergency Situations Department of the City of Kruševac, we reacted in one day with a Request for renting and setting up a protective barrier owned by the Public Company "Serbia Water". On the same day, our Request was accepted, so we are on the field today and we are installing this equipment. This is an additional protection in the event of easing of the first improvised barrier, so that we can keep all that waste in a place from which we will be able to remove a large amount of waste from the surface of the Lake Ćelije - said Saša Antić, the executive director for sanitary protection of Lake Ćelije.

The removal of waste will be organized in the upcoming period, as a part of Public Works that have been carried out for the last ten years in order to regulate the waste on the Lake Ćelije , where about 5,000 bags of heavy waste were collected every year.

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